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Organisational Background & Business Philosophy

The unfolding of the South African society is taking place at the time when Southern Africa and indeed, Africa is redefining its role to meet the challenges of globalisation.

With the readmission of South Africa to the world markets and the rapid emergence in the industrial development in the last decade of a global economy, there is need in the legal profession to come up with tailor made labour law, commercial, corporate and general litigation products to meet the needs of government, corporate and individual client in South Africa.

To this end, our firm has rapidly established itself in developing itself in client bases in providing focused corporate, general litigation and labour law solution to corporations, empowerment companies, entrepreneurs, government enterprise and private clients. Although our firm provides a wide range of traditional law services, our focus is to render specialised labour law, corporate, commercial and general litigation services.

  • Archibald Ngoako Mafa
    Labour Law Litigation and Training
    George Moroasui
  • Archibald Ngoako Mafa
    Labour Law Litigation & Human Capital
    M M Moadira
  • Archibald Ngoako Mafa
    Representation at Arbitrations and Labour Court.
    Olivia Chauke

Managing Member

Mr. Archibald Ngoako Mafa completed his B.Proc degree with the University of Fort Hare, Alice in 1998 and currently enrolled for LLM in Labour Law degree.


The political and economic scenario in South Africa requires that, while business operates like any other business anywhere in the world, specific attention is paid to peculiarities in our country: the empowerment of people who were previously excluded from the mainstream economy. A transformed economy will also enable business in South Africa to successfully compete both regionally and internationally.

Undoubtedly, South African legal profession has an important role to play in this regards. Our firm is committed to black economic empowerment and is ready to serve in South Africa achieving this goal. There is, therefore, an urgent need to expedite the re-configuration of the economy in order to ensure that business acts as a catalyst for social equity peace and stability. Our company subscribes to Code of Good Practice and enterprise development by subcontracting some of its services to emerging HDI owned enterprises and black professionals (MAPI IT Solutions, Black Advocates) and contributes towards Job Creation within its region. From time to time, our company demonstrates skills transfer and training of its employees through workshops and seminars.